It’s A Vibe with SirKing

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Tori Indeed and Artist SirKing talked about having a fan base in comparison to a following, music, merchandise, and overall goals. 

“You should never go towards trying to build up your followers,” said SirKing. “You should definitely try to build up your real fan base. That’s who supports your business.”

Indeed agreed that it’s important to have a solid foundation. SirKing continued to elaborate by explaining some ways in which creatives monetize. He listed shows, clothes, endorsements, and features. He said that he chose to really promote his merchandise. Not only did he profit, but he learned who is heavily invested in his brand. 

“That’s how I really scale my fan base,” said SirKing. “If you’re buying something from me, that means a lot.

SirKing took 10 months away from releasing any projects. As an incentive for new music and visuals, fans were encouraged to order original shirts from his website. Not only did he autograph them, but each shirt was personally delivered. He said the idea was to possibly sell 50 shirts. However he surpassed his mark a few times over. 

“It’s was really to connect with my fans,” said SirKing. “It was more personable. I saw the reaction. They wanted that, and I’m just loving it.”  

Indeed hopped into the chatroom to check on the viewers. After quoting a few responses, she mentioned some of SirKing’s major experiences. They included being featured in The Source, This Is Fifty, and Hot 97. She emphasized this level within his career, and followed up with his definition of a milestone. 

“A milestone for me would be getting signed,” said SirKing. “Every time I got verified on a platform, that was a milestone. My real milestone was my first 1000 fans.” 

SirKing said that with real fans in comparison to followers, it’s very easy to live a comfortable life. He believes that genuine support goes a long way. He’s looking to continue his rising fan base. 

“I would like to have 20,000 loyal fans,” said SirKing. “You have to count it by two. If you have 100 fans you entertain, that’s 200 because that one person will tell another person.” 

SirKing said he keeps track of followers, listeners, and subscribers through YouTube, Apple, and Spotify. He explained that he faithfully checks his comments, messages, and all platforms as a way to show his gratitude. 

“I don’t have a million followers,” said SirKing. “But when I put a video on YouTube, I’m doing well with numbers. That’s how I know my fans really support me.” 

Want to know more about SirKing’s short term goals? How about where you can find his music and merchandise? Check out the entire interview only on Vibe2VibeTV. As always… the Vibe is Real. 

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