It’s A Vibe with Eric LeGrand

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, October 9, 2020  

Jersey Stackz and Tori Indeed discussed football, goals, covid, business, obstacles, and why a healthy mindset is a must with Eric LeGrand

Ten years ago, the Avenel New Jersey native played football for Rutgers University. It was during his time there that he endured one of the most life-changing experiences. While on the field he was injured, and it resulted in severe damage to his spinal cord.

“It feels like yesterday,” said LeGrand. “I’ve come a long way.” 

LeGrand said that he wouldn’t allow himself to be overcome by his injury. He made a promise that although things would be slightly different, he’d still be the same person. With a smile and joyful spirit he joked, laughed, and reiterated on more than one instance how grateful he is.

“I wake up every day excited for what the day is to come,” said LeGrand. “I’ve seen so many people in similar situations as myself. Just what happened to them, and not having the same support I have, and the platform I have. That puts things in perspective for me.”

LeGrand said overall he learned that nothing should be taken for granted because things could easily change without any notice. He chose and still chooses to use his injury as his purpose and another way to connect with others.   

“Without my family and friends along this journey I definitely would not be where I am,” said LeGrand. “I was always outgoing and upbeat. Whether before the game or after the game.” 

LeGrand was 20 years old at the time of his traumatic accident. He demonstrated principles that were instilled in him as well as his positive outlook to avoid sadness and discouragement. Since then, his Jersey has been retired, inducted into the Rutgers Athletics Hall of Fame, started a foundation, and various businesses.      

“When I got injured I said to myself you know I’m 20 years old,” said LeGrand. “God willing I live many many more years I don’t want to be depressed, down in the dumps, or upset.” 

Instead LeGrand acknowledged that despite his hurdles, he still had the same drive and determination to go out there and show people what he was made of. He found another way through advocating. This allowed him to speak to and reach groups of people at a time.      

“I’m sitting clean,” said LeGrand. “I have a beautiful house, beautiful family, and a nice car. What do I really have to complain about?” 

LeGrand humbly explained his understanding that not everyone is as fortunate as he is mentally, and emotionally. He said that those are the individuals that showed him that he’s still blessed. His circumstances and theirs combined is why he wanted to make a way to give back, and help others. His solution was Team LeGrand. It was created in 2013. According to, the foundation has raised over one million dollars.

“Success is the peace of mind you get knowing you did everything you could to be the best you could be.” -Big E 

Want to know how LeGrand thinks Covid has impacted football this season? How about Forbeto Unites, or the books that changed his life? Be sure to view the entire interview on Vibe2VibeTV. As always…The Vibe Is Real.  

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