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The Silent Curse

Have you ever been so afraid to face the truth that you’d live through lie after lie to avoid it? And have those lies taken up so much of your life that now you don’t even know what the truth is? As is so, in Wilkerson’s “The Silent Curse,” where our lone protagonist will be faced with an opportunity to finally find out what’s real and what’s fallacy – in a climatic confrontation between her and the family she’s known and loves. A 20 year long deception will be torn down and the lies that have been built around her from birth will finally be revealed…

The Silent Curse ll

Author Ashleigh S. Wilkerson brings you part two of Mariah Beauvoir’s gripping interview with Journalist Justyce McCall. This time not only does Mariah expose multiple family secrets, but she also brings company along for the ride! Hold onto your seat and prepare for the unthinkable as the Curse continues…

The Silent Curse lll

The Curse is finally over… long-time fans of the thrilling mystery noir trilogy – “The Silent Curse,” will be both excited and sad to know that Mariah’s ride has finally concluded. This is the conclusion that readers have all been waiting for and the last major twist… is finally here.


Author Ashleigh S. Wilkerson returns for another captivating literary release – this time conquering the world of poetry in the emotional and compelling collection of poems entitled, “TWELVE.” Wilkerson shares ideas and themes such as Love, Family, Health, Struggle and Confidence. Some of which being fictional reflections, others on the contrary inspired by the authors own personal observations, thoughts and inspirations. “TWELVE,” inspired by the number of completion, is essentially a diary filled with a little something for everyone