It’s a Vibe with Vincent Zambrano

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, November 23, 2020 

Artist and filmmaker Vincent Zambrano spoke with Tori Indeed about his cover feature on Most Influential Art Magazine, transitioning from life in Ecuador, and his art obsession.

“I got here at age 14,” said Zambrano. “We landed in queens in a very small apartment.” 

Zambrano recalled the difficulties that he first endured when leaving Ecuador. He said it was like leaving freedom. He felt like he was given a tag. He thought back to a time where he’d play outside for hours. He said that he only returned when he was hungry. That there wasn’t a need for constant supervision. 

“Back then it was really a small town,” said Zambrano. “The main roads were paved, but the rest were not. As a kid we didn’t have chaperones. It was a very peaceful town.” 

Zambrano painted his childhood to the audience as he reminisced about biking, body surfing, the beach, and canoes. All of which he incorporates in his paintings even today. He broke down a piece titled Where Are We Going. He focused on the woman that resembles his wife, the small boy, and the hand reflected in the water. 

“I came into painting when I was 27,” said Zambrano. “I drew, but I didn’t paint.”

Next Zambrano mentioned life after completing high school. He continued on to college, but realized it wasn’t the fit for him. His parents wanted the best for his future. They preferred that he major in something that would guarantee a great living. After attempting their way for two years, he decided to leave.

“It wasn’t in me,” said Zambrano. “But art was always in me. I left that school, and put myself through FIT. I studied fine art and filmmaking. I worked and went to school.” 

Zambrano continued sharing his experiences both in life and art. He spoke about the importance of time, and his best friend that encouraged him from the very beginning. His name was Press. He directed lots of films including Mulan. Sadly he passed away due to Leukemia.

“At 15 I met my best friend Press,” said Zambrano. “He could paint really good. He worked in animation, and I paint because of him. He’s always on my mind.”

Zambrano noted the way in which his creative techniques changed mentally, and physically since the passing of his dear friend. He pointed out his excessive use of bright colors, his openness to various other outlets such as the internet, and the need to experiment.

“To get to this point wasn’t easy,” said Zambrano. “It happened maybe four years ago. As an artist you always have to experiment. Painting is an obsession. It’s something you must do. It’s actually my peace of mind.” 

Did you know that Zambrano also lived in Jersey City? Have you seen his film on amazon? For more information about his upcoming projects, his artwork, and informative perspective, be sure to catch the entire recap on Vibe2VibeTV. As always…The Vibe Is Real.

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