It’s A Vibe with Kervin Andre

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, September 26, 2020

Kervin Andre virtually sat with Vibe2Vibe CreatorTori Indeed to discuss the need for knowledge, community awareness, and history when producing his powerful bodies of art. 

I always loved history,” said Andre. “I’ve always questioned things. I’ve always wondered about the beginning of things, like how did we get here?” 

Andre is a Haitian American that came to the United States in the early 90’s. He said during that time it wasn’t cool to be Haitian. He used his gift to deliver a clearer narrative of who he was. He believed and still believes that a lot gets swept under the rug, and he wanted to show the image that many are unaware of. 

As an artist history, our story or a current event is part of our daily life,” said Andre. “We have to talk. It’s almost like a Journalist we have to document what’s happening.

Andre explained without knowledge of self, knowing who you are and the accolades of those before you, there is no way to move forward. As a father to two little girls, he mentioned that they are his reason and influence to continue to emphasize this theory. He insisted that when the time comes should someone try to convince them that certain events didn’t occur, they’ll have his visuals that prove otherwise.  

I don’t paint for today,” said Andre. “I have two little girls. I know they’ll look back and say my father captured this moment.

Along with the influence of his daughters, Andre is guided by his community, and people of all shades and backgrounds. He voiced that it is pivotal for all human beings to unite, and that the one aspect that makes it possible is love for the community.

We have to unite regardless of where we came from,” said Andre. “If I see my neighbor going through it regardless of color, race, or whatever, we have to speak up.” 

Andre urged that everyone needs to feel safe, and that it’s possible when coming from a place of love. He said that if events and important dates are documented properly, there would be less confusion and no room for things to unlearn. 

For example there’s a lack of history and understanding for African Americans,” said Andre. “There’s an identity crisis. We don’t know who we are.”

Andre said that because of this, his need to express himself about race, emotions, and wanting to make a difference, he feels like it’s his job as an artist to capture the truth. He acknowledges that whether his talent inspires or offends, he’s done what he was supposed to.

Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable. I don’t think I chose to be an artist. I think art chose me.”  

Want to know more about one of Kervin Andre’s biggest moments as an artist? How about more about his brand and where to find his work? Check out the entire interview at Vibe2Vibe TV. As always…The Vibe is Real.

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