It’s A Vibe with Nikk Nicole

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, September 11, 2020

Nikk Nicole and Tori Indeed conversed about songwriting, being an artist, influences, her use of emotions, and the impact music has on her life.

“I grew up in the era of SWV, En Vogue, the very first Destiny’s Child, 702, and Xscape,” said Nicole.” 

Nicole said that as a child she would listen to the cassettes of these artists. She would pause in between lines to write down the lyrics. Then she’d add her own twist and create songs. She explained that her strategy worked for some time. It was an attempt to give listeners what she believed they wanted to hear. Then about four to five years ago, she took a different direction in storytelling. 

“I had to tap into myself and write down emotions,” said Nicole. “That evolved in who I am right now.”

Nicole credited her love for R&B, her uncle who pushed her while being in the studio, and the Legendary Lauryn Hill for motivating her. She recalled the first time she heard Killing Me Softly. She knew then exactly what she wanted to do. 

“When you think about old R&B you remember it,” said Nicole. “I don’t care how long it’s been since you heard it. It still gives you that feeling that takes you back to a time. That’s the kind of music that I want to write.”

Nicole explained that she wants nothing more than to find a deeper connection to the feelings of others, and to give them that same soulful touch. At the same time she’s very unique and able to switch up her sound as well. 

“I got a little bit of everything in there,” said Nicole. “A little neo, a little soul. Sometimes I might be a little raunchy. Theflow might change. But deep down it’s more soulful than anything.” 

Next Indeed wanted to know more about Nicole’s recording process. Nicole noted that the room has to be dark. She feels that it brings out emotions. She believes it all about digging from the heart. She also mentioned that she’s not into candles, but it’s definitely something she’s considering for her setup at home. She said at home she only records at night unless an immediate idea pops into her mind. She prefers hot tea with honey as well.

“When I’m home literally my setup is so chill,” said Nicole. “I record only at night time. I have to have like my hot tea with honey. I know that’s like so cliché, but for a singer it’s so important.” 

Indeed followed up by asking Nicole if she considers herself a rapper as well. She said although it’s not her area of expertise, she has tried. She also explained that she can be a little sassy and talks on one of two tracks as well. They both shared a moment of understanding and laughter. Then they introduced listeners and viewers to her song titled Queen. It had a powerful message to appreciate and respect women. 

“Women are the most powerful people,” said Nicole. “We have a voice but we are most disrespected especially black women. Sometimes I feel like we’re treated like whatever we’re given is what you deserve. We do so much. Praise us too.”  

Want to learn more about the two disturbing videos that inspired the creation of Queen? How about what’s next for Nikk Nicole? Be sure to catch this entire interview only on Vibe2VibeTV. As always…The Vibe is Real.

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