It’s A Vibe with Lady Luck

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, September 5, 2020 

Lady Luck virtually stopped by Vibe2Vibe presented by Tori Indeed to speak about her success in writing, music, television, and strengthened relationship with God. 

Luck swiftly touched base on her childhood. She recalled her first time rapping at the early age of five. She credited her mother for inspiring her, and showing her the ropes. 

“Shout out to my mom,” said Luck. “We’re working on doing her movie. My mom is the first female Hip-Hop promoter. She had to convince people that don’t play rap music to play this rap song.”

From her mother’s leadership and example, she created her own hustle. It began with battling in high school and led to a record deal with Def Jam. She said that one day during a radio segment she called in to showcase her skills. They were very impressed. Shortly after that multiple labels wanted to sign her. She chose Def Jam. She explained that working with them was a wonderful journey.  

“It hit so fast,” said Luck. “It was like you’ve been rapping your whole life and boom here you are with Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, and LL Cool J. You’re just like wait a minute. What just happened?”

Next Indeed asked her how she would describe the difference between working with a record company and being independent. She said that her label’s goal is to create a new sound. 

“It’s been a long journey for me,” said Luck. “It’s rough, I’m in a rough category because back then I was rough, rugged, and raw. The world wasn’t ready for it at that time.”

Luck said she realized she was trying to fit a role of someone other than herself. That’s when she learned the calling that God had on her life. So she left Def Jam, went to church, and surrendered everything to God. 

“I went to church and laid face flat on the floor,” said Luck. “I surrendered and boom now we have a TV show on Bravo. Of course steps led to that happening, but it was God making the call.” 

Luck said after making her mark in television, she found herself going against her calling once more. She was involved in a relationship that wasn’t the fit for her. She shifted her focus again. She believed she was going against her purpose again. 

“It’s not what I’m putting out,” said Luck. “It’s what I’m putting in.”

As Luck and Indeed continued to dive deeper into her walk of life, Luck shared vivid details about coping with depression. She said during that time she took things for granted. It prevented her from moving forward. 

She also reiterated the importance in her relationship with God, and how it encouraged her to help others with their connection as well. She let go of what wasn’t meant for her. She stopped worrying about things out her control, and refocused on her path.  

“You got to put God first,” said Luck. “If you’re grounded anchored and rooted into whoever is your God, you have to be attached to something. It’s a dark world. You don’t want to ruin yourself.” 

Want to learn more about what to expect from Lady Luck? Have a submission you’d like her to consider? For more information and the entire interview, be sure to head over to Vibe2VibeTV…where the Vibe is Always Real. 

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