It’s A Vibe with Rohail Ullah; 1000WORDS ART GROUP

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, August 27, 2020 

Tori Indeed and Rohail Ullah discussed real-estate, entrepreneurship, and the advantages of knowing how to utilize social media. 

The discussion kicked off with a snippet of Ullah’s daily routine as an entrepreneur. In the video he displayed a number of beautiful homes located in Houston Texas. Each visual included his signature “What up What up Guys” introduction. 

“That’s my signature,” said Ullah. “That’s how I start every walk through. I feel like most people complicate telling the story. I just start off with hey what up y’all. I’m talking to y’all. That’s it, let’s go.” 

Aside from being a realtor, Ullah specializes in marketing, social media branding, and engineering. Prior to finding a job in petroleum engineering, he said everyone was worried because he took a leap into his other interests first. 

“Your typical petroleum engineering job wasn’t attractive to me,” said Ullah. “It took a lot of my time. I didn’t get to have free time to do other things I wanted to do. Thanks to real-estate and social media, I got a job with the software company remotely. All my time is to myself.”

Ullah said even with his flexible schedule, his days are still pretty busy. He is the creator of Houston Property guys, which is his own real-estate company. 

“It’s crazy I didn’t always want to do real-estate,” said Ullah. “I would pull all-nighters not to study for my exams, but to create content.” 

He said the problem is that a lot of people get carried away with forming things in a way to where everything has to be perfect. But he thinks that storytelling comes with imperfection. He explained that it comes with showing everything in its truest and most authentic form. The key is to build a genuine connection. Ullah said it’s most important to be yourself, and that is the way to win.  

“The engagement part is everything,” said Ullah. “It’s somebody talking to you or taking the time to speak to you.” 

Next Indeed and Ullah went over the importance of interacting with followers, replying to comments, posting on other accounts, and being genuine about the intentions of posts. Ullah said today he is at 10.5 thousand followers because of a special technique he uses that incorporates all of this. 

“Looking at your analytics is like tracking your health,” said Ullah. “Looking at your insights understanding hey what post did people like. What post didn’t they like? You break it down by a view. You use whatever data you have.”    

Want to find out which social platforms have your target demographic audience? Want to know more about his special technique? Be sure to catch the entire interview only on Vibe2Vibe.TV 

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