It’s A Vibe with Kate Birch

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, January 7, 2021

Tori indeed and Kate Birch conversed about art work, inspiration, creating throughout the pandemic, and developing tutorials.

I post a painting every day,” said Birch. “I paint a piece in the morning and post it by the afternoon. It’s a fun way to interact with followers.

Birch is both an artist, and a writer. She said that she began drawing as a little girl, and enjoyed doodling about everything. Some of her favorite pieces at the time included mermaids and dogs. 

Something I used to love to draw as a little girl would be a doggy restaurant,” said Birch. “There would be dogs sitting and eating. I liked drawing everything, like mermaids and stuff.” 

As Birch’s artistic talents progressed throughout her schooling, she suddenly found herself being turned off. After a dreadful experience in high school, she took an extended break from creating and painting of any sort. Birch said she didn’t rekindle with her love of art until studying at college. 

I took a watercolor class and the professor was amazing,” said Birch. “I switched my major from education, to painting and drawing. It was the most fun I ever had. I got to do what I love every day.” 

The painting a day idea actually formed through her writing. She expressed that it was her goal to form a poem a day. She saw it as a strategic way of healing. As well as a form of balance, and another method toward success as opposed to perfection. 

It helped me,” said Birch. “I think it was pretty healing. It made me feel like I don’t have to be so critical, perfect, or scared to put it out into the world.

Outside of poetry, Birch said that she has also written and published young adult novels. As of right now with restrictions and limitations due to COVID-19, she’s unable to connect as she normally would. Thankfully social media specifically Instagram, has played a major factor in continuing to deliver to her audience.

The best way to purchase art is through Instagram,” said Birch. “Whoever messages first gets it. Items can be sold within seconds or minutes.

Birch talked about the process of posting and ordering. She said that she wanted to be fair. She noticed the number of individuals interested in her work, and found her social media outlet to be a healthy solution. She also explained things that inspire her visions, some of her favorite pieces like the egg, her openness to ideas, and her impressive waiting list. 

It’s fun seeing if you can take a glass of water and turn it into something beautiful,” said Birch. “Being able to look around and seeing beauty everywhere. I have a lot of passion about things.”

When one of the wells feels like it’s starting to run a little dry, I can switch to the other and fill back up.”  

Birch’s resume extends throughout galleries all around the world. Some of her pieces have even made cameos in movies like 21 Jump Street. Others reside at hospitals and hotels. Not to mention the countless pictures purchased online daily. For more about Kate Birch, be sure to stop by Vibe2Vibe. As always…The Vibe Is Real

Kate Birch recap video:

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