It’s A Vibe with Leon Marin

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, August 27, 2020

Tori Indeed and Leon Marin discussed music, overcoming obstacles, and future career aspirations. 

Indeed and Marin jumped right into things by playing his song titled Free Smoke. While the video was being displayed he interacted with members in the chat room. He told one individual he was just thankful to be back.

“Being from New York you have that vibe,” said Indeed. “That might have influenced you as an artist. Were you a young kid that discovered he loved the music? I want to know how did it all begin?”  

Marin responded to Indeed by sharing something with her that he hadn’t on any other platform. He said that at the age of nine, he lost his father. It was a difficult time, but he was challenged by a teacher to write down his emotions. 

“My father passed away when I was nine,” said Marin. “My teacher at the time said that I should write something to express what I’m feeling.”

He continued to praise Ms. Delores, his former third grade teacher while also reflecting on the poem. He said it was about his pain, obstacles, and the passing of his Father. However that very method would be the technique and reason for his strong wiring ability today. He said since that time he continued to express himself because he liked the idea of writing it down. 

“I didn’t quite understand what I was doing,” said Marin. “I wrote a slight poem, and ended up crying in front of the whole class. After that I literally started rapping.” 

Marin said that many people believed he took his profession seriously since his first mixtape. He assured everyone that that wasn’t the case. He said it wasn’t until 2016 or 2017 that he really began to apply pressure. He credited this realization while being in a group called Live Life. He also said that it was around that time that he started to find his sound.

“I think it takes a while to find your sound,” said Marin. “Everybody wants to be like someone else. Little by little the more you do it, the more you pick up your own sound.” 

Marin said since then he’s grown more comfortable with his voice presence, and the formation of his lines. He believes that he’s grown, and acknowledges that his focus wasn’t always where it needed to be. He exclaimed that he’s drama free, focused on him, and appreciates everyone and their passion as well. 

“You have to understand how long it takes to find peace,” said Marin. “Especially when you’re brought up around negativity.”

He humbly thanked his support from both men and women. He said he receives influences from both however women are everything. He sees them as equal. He praised his mother and sisters whom he was raised by.  

“Women are so powerful,” said Marin. “They are like so divine, beautiful, and elegant.” 

Do you want to hear a freestyle by Leon Marin guaranteed to blow you away? How about his impressive list of accomplishments and appearances? Check out the entire interview only on Vibe2VibeTV. And as always… The Vibe Is Real.  

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