It’s A Vibe with Mr. J and Sarah Kasserman; 1000WORDS ART GROUP

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson

Tori Indeed spoke with Mr. J of 1000 Words Art Group, and Sarah Kasserman about the magazine launch, creativity, and their collaboration.

It’s super exciting,” said Indeed. “We get to connect with other creatives and artists thanks to Mr. J.” Mr. J said the first issue launched on August 10th and it’s now available on their site. Another treat is the demand of physical copies, and new content already in the works. He exclaimed it feels pretty amazing. He’s humbled by the support, and he appreciates everyone that had a hand in the process including Sarah who happens to do a bit of everything.

I like to have a few projects going on at once,” said Kasserman. “That way if I get stuck on something, my brain can go on and work on something else. Usually that helps the stuck thing just kind of come.

Kasserman said she met Mr. J while she was an artist in residence at a hotel. They conversed from time to time, and kept in touch. Once things were set in place regarding the publication, he asked her to be a part of the vision.

Tori Indeed complimented Mr. J as someone people should know and want to work with. She also said she’s always curious as to how he and fellow creatives cross paths. Mr. J humbly thanked Kasserman and followed up with her spread on page eight in the magazine. He said although money is good, it’s impressions like Kasserman’s that he loves the most.

It’s a huge component to my passion,” said Mr. J. “It’s kind of what fuels my every day. As an entrepreneur you get caught up in the sales aspect. At the end of the day it’s about the people involved in the project.

Mr. J said that it’s worth it because of the organization and the community. He explained that money will come but it is important to have like-minded individuals that also want to see the brand succeed.

After that Indeed tossed the microphone back over to Kasserman. She asked what should everyone expect next from her. Kasserman replied that she’s actually working on a story-telling podcast, she’s a yoga enthusiast, she prefers to sit while painting, and she’s a bit of a musician as well.

I sit on the floor when I paint, said Kasserman.I feel better sitting on the floor. I stand for some parts too, but mainly I’m on the floor.” Indeed responded by saying that she totally understood her method as a yogi. She also applauded her for her great posture. Kasserman tagged Mr. J back in. He talked more about bringing artist together for a parent company which is set to be launched in September, and future endeavors.

I have a novel I’m working on,” said Mr. J “There’s also a couple of other things, and I’m getting married!

Talk about great success! Want to know what happened next? Be sure to check out the entire interview only on Vibe2VibeTV. And as always…The Vibe Is Real.

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