It’s A Vibe with Shavanda Chanté

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, July 12, 2020

Tori Indeed and Abstract Expressionist Shavanda Chanté discuss her recent feature in 1000 Words Art magazine, her musical preference while creating art, and why having feeling is more important than having inspiration.

“I try not to get hung up on inspiration too much but more of a feeling,” said Chanté. “I want to feel that moment, be in that moment, and express it.” 

She said it all began after she moved from Alabama about 13 years ago. At that time she joined the navy. Being deployed gave her the opportunity to experience new places like South Carolina, and San Diego.

“In 2014 when I was in Charleston I was very inspired to start,” said Chanté. “It’s just weird how it came out of nowhere, and it stuck ever since.”

Chanté said until last year she only shared her work through social media. Then on a random day the maintenance man stopped by her apartment. He was pleasantly surprised by her paintings. He couldn’t help but to stare. He told her that she needed to showcase her work. He insisted that she shop around.

“From 14 to 20 I was not sharing my work outside of social media,” said Chanté. “Just this past year I decided to do a show.”

Chanté said that was her first time having someone that wasn’t a relative or friend view her work. She decided to take him up on his advice. She started to look around and she landed on the RAW event. They came to San Diego, and she chose to share BLB, a piece dedicated to her brother. Since then she hasn’t skipped a beat with releasing visuals including the gripping ones on the wall directly behind her. 

“There’s a lot of work I have that’s not even available,” said Chanté. “I just want to get it out to say hey this is what I feel at this moment. I just need to put it out. It’s not that I see something, there’s really this energy.” 

  She experienced this very feeling while working through eclectic paintings like “A Crimson Spell” and “In Summary”. In Summary was her New Year’s celebration. She said that one technique she frequently used, is the strong sound of soft rock and heavy metal. She credits her choice in genre for her wild and chaotic artistic style.

“It was kind of how I started painting,” said Chanté. “It’s very different, very wild and chaotic. I stuck with it. I was trying all kinds of mediums and techniques. When I combined music, it kind of meshed better.”

Chanté said that things come to her in various ways whether though color, music, or even people. She chooses not to get fixed on one idea. She prefers to feel, and be in the moment.

“When you think you don’t have something you think you’re stuck,” said Chanté. “It’s okay to think outside of the box and break a few rules.” 

For more on Shavanda Chanté check out her collection which features a wide range of artwork, long boards, and apparel. For the entire interview make sure you head over to Vibe2VibeTV where The Vibe Is Always Real.

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