It’s a Vibe with 1000WordsArtGroup

By Ashleigh S. Wilkerson, June 16, 2020

Vibe2Vibe returned with their first zoom interview featuring Mr. J and Dean Karl of 1000WordsArtGroup. 

Individually they are both exceptional creators. Dean Karl specializes in graffiti. He is currently working on a piece that is 3000 square feet located in Rahway, New Jersey. Mr. J has his own gallery where he features a diverse range of artwork including Love and Darkness, and Divine.  

Together they are mixing their creative styles and forming 1000WordsArtGroup, a platform for all artist just as passionate as they are. Not only are they creating an artistic safe space, but they are also in the process of launching their own magazine titled Most Influential Art Magazine.  

“I would say to me the basis of 1000Words Art Group it’s a collective,” said Mr. J. “Yes it’s a platform. Yes there are resources. Yes there’s a whole bunch of assets and content, but at the end of the day it’s a bunch of people that come together to make the world a better place.”

Mr. J informed viewers that as of now he spends most of his day working through zoom, and spending time behind the scenes to assure the best final product. Aside from promoting a contest and working on articles with the direction of Jane Mayfield, they are also reaching out to creators for the next issue.  

“We’ve been working hard nonstop,” said Karl. “We’re all growing together as a group. “When you sign on and you become a part of this we’re going to help you blow up period.” 

Mr. J said that the main goal is to focus on talent that not everyone is aware of. Dean Karl said that no matter how many viewers or followers they may have, they’re open to helping everyone and guarantee a response. If not from them personally, their wives who are both heavily involved will be sure to get the job done.  

“Between me and Daniel we have an extensive background in art. I’ve been painting since I was a kid. Daniel’s pretty popular for a few years. We’re blowing up and creating all this amazing content for people.” Said Karl. 

There are 12 artists and four writers, but Dean Karl encourages everyone to send in their work because they are still accepting submissions. Mr. J explained that he understands what it means to be vulnerable. He then broke down criticism and those that feel the need to bash someone else’s work. Dean Karl recalled a grandmother that shared a few words and how he politely took her thoughts with a grain of salt. He said he invited her Granddaughter to partake in 1000WordsArtGroup.

“You have to be selfish before you’re selfless,” said Karl. “You have to take care of yourself in all the things you have to do in order to be successful and help other people.” 

Both men agree that you cannot pour from an empty cup. They also agree that there is a need of art for children. In the near future they will expand the community by incorporating space for children as well. Mr. J said that art saved him as a child. He said that art is not optional and he’s tired of it being the first thing to go. 

“You’re right I would look forward to art class,” said Indeed. “Some of us just had school if we didn’t have any other resources.”  

In the group chat someone asked about seniors. Dean Karl replied that age is just a number when he applauds Allan Gorman, a visual artist from Brooklyn, New York. He said he’s in his 70’s and does a lot of work all over the country. 

“He’s just an amazing artist,” said Karl. “I do believe he’s been shown at the Museum of Modern Art. He’s unbelievable. He’s on board with coming on and assisting us. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Do you! If you’re 65 maybe you can throw some magic our way and explain to us how certain things work.” 

Want to know more information about 1000WordsArtGroup and or how you can be featured in the next issue? Feel free to catch our entire recap only on Vibe2VibeTV.

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